I'm glad you're here!

Welcome to Widow I Go From Here, a place of belonging for Christian women and widows born out of my personal journey through heartbreak and loss. I’m DiEsha Carter, and if you find yourself here, chances are you’re navigating your own path through life’s unwelcome disruptions. I want you to know that our meeting is no coincidence; I’m genuinely glad our paths have crossed.

This ministry emerged from the depths of my own grief after losing my husband. The haunting question of “Where do I go from here?” echoed in my soul. Despite being a Christian for nearly three decades, navigating grief of this magnitude with God seemed like uncharted territory. Little did I know, I was exactly where God intended me to be.

Described by many as genuine, I’ve spent much of my life hiding behind insecurities and fear, projecting a curated image while suppressing the pain within. It took the agony of an adulterous relationship and later, the profound grief of widowhood, to strip away the pretenses.

Today, I embrace my entire story emerging Triumphant as part of God’s perfect plan, unfolding even through my suffering. I am fervently dedicated to sharing the Kingdom way of navigating life and loss and advocating joyfully for Kingdom women. In the valley, where wounds tend to fester, I create space to encounter God’s healing presence and where we ultimately emerge Triumphant together!

I invite you to explore my content, join community events, or embark on a one-on-one journey with me. Stay connected by signing up for my mailing list below, as I’m always up to something, and I’d love for you to be a part of it. Welcome to inspiration, authenticity, and intimacy.

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