A little about me...

Welcome! My name is DiEsha Carter, and I’m glad you're here. Whether you are experiencing the pain of a broken heart, or you're in ministry and you are called to shepherd the brokenhearted, you have landed in the right place and I am delighted that our paths have crossed. Because time is valuable I'll get straight to it, GRIEF IS SPIRITUAL and Satan uses grief to destroy our relationship with God. Widow I Go From Here? was birthed out of my own heartbreak when my husband died, and I was left asking myself the question, “Where do I go from here?”




DiEsha Carter, the Widow’s Coach, reached out to me with the request to bring the Worship Journaling Lab experience to her community. I felt unqualified because widowhood was not my story. DiEsha, made me feel so comfortable sharing in my lane while merging my gift into her own specialty area. It was a Godly anointed collaboration. The kind of collaboration that only God could master between two kindred, like-minded women that were determined to let God be sovereign in the lives of the women we are called to. DiEsha was very attentive to what I brought to the table, and very insightful as to what she needed on the table in order to bring authenticity and purpose to that space we would share ministering to widows in God’s honor. She was outstanding. I welcome the opportunity to work with her again in any capacity”

— Tonja D, Certified Mental Health Coach, Life Coach and Founder of the Daughter's Place

Humble. Holy Spirit led. Those are the words that come to mind as I reflect on my experience working with DiEsha in multiple capacities. While I see DiEsha in many ways as a sister God has gifted to walk alongside me on this journey, I also recognize the big sister he has given me in her. I admire DiEsha because she embraces what's uncomfortable. It's one of the reasons she can be trusted to such a great extent. Di is willing to embrace what's uncomfortable for her for the greater good. She's willing to slow down, listen, and THEN move to ensure that she's spiritually aligned. I've truly seen Christ in her in that way. Being willing to lay aside personal priorities for the glory of God. What else could you ask for? ”

— Shell, Life Coach and Founder of A Radical Relationship

A call to action went out and Ms. Carter answered. She stepped to the plate and hit a home run with her presentation on grief. I believe Ms. Carter is incredible! Ms. Carter presented on Grief and Self-Care at the "We Are Not Being Heard" Patient Advocate Conference May 2023. She did an amazing job. In my role as Organizer, I worked directly with Ms. Carter. She uses her professional knowledge and personal experience to educate and bring awareness about "Grief". She got lots of compliments from the participants who appreciated and needed the information. Many of them were quietly and silently suffering recent undisclosed loses. Her PowerPoints were clean, crisp, minimalistic and engaging. The visual images were nice and calming. The cool colors were very relaxing; simple but elegant. A very interesting and informative presentation.”

— Warmest Regards, Patient Advocate Conference Organizer

Where NB stands for no-brainer, DC stands for DiEsha Carter and LT stands for leadership team, it was a NB to get DC to speak to our LT. DiEsha is authentic, knowledgeable, professional, relatable, and spiritual. These qualities had a great impact on the leadership team in church that I invited her to speak to, where her dynamic lesson on Grief and Leadership empowered us, enlightened us, and equipped us. ”

— Rayola "Rhysce" Osanya, Ministry Leader and Author of Go in the Strength You Have