I had no idea how much I needed to go through this Grief Recovery process. DiEsha guided me through with compassion and empathy. Her ability to connect with me on such a deep emotional level empowered me to deal with the heartache of my past. DiEsha is an amazing facilitator, and I am forever grateful for the heart work that we did together. ”

— With love, Beverly, Elementary School Teacher

I always associated grief with physical death. I never made the connection between the death of a job, the death of a relationship, the death of one's idea of normalcy, etc., and grief until I worked with DiEsha. I absolutely did not know that one could recover from grief. I assumed it was an emotion that would last a lifetime. Working with DiEsha, helped me understand the true definition of grief and how to recover from it. Her balance of asking the right questions and listening made me feel safe to share painful memories. It was in that sharing and the tools she provided that allowed me to see people and situations in their entirety not just from a negative viewpoint. This shift in perspective unlocked the pain and set me free. The tools and strategies she equipped me with I used past our sessions. They are in my toolbox permanently. I no longer have to run from my emotions but can lean into them knowing that God is right there with me. ”

— Ashaki, Founder of Project Management Training Academy